YouTuber Jatt Prabhjot Accident in Nepal Update: 79 year old Nepali men died

Jatt Prabhjot is a well-known Indian YouTuber and moto vlogger who rides superbikes and vlogs about his life and motorcycles. He is from Punjab and has over 2.9 Million subscribers on YouTuber.

Jatt Prabhajot recently purchased a Kawasaki H2 Motorcycle and started Nepal’s Journey from Delhi. He was going too fast and on the way he collided with a 79 year old man. According to the reports, It is unclear whether the Elder man is died or not.

Jatt Prabhjot Accident in Nepal

Jatt prabhjot became additionally injured, with both legs broken, and changed into critically injured and lost a lot of blood. He turned into airlifted to Kathmandu (Nepal Capital) for added medical treatment and remedy.

We will update when we have more information regarding the accident.

Here are some video uploaded on youtube of Jatt Prabhjot accident

Instagram Account@Prabhjot Singh
YouTube Channel Jatt Prabhjot

Jatt Prabhjot Bike and Cars collection

  1. FZ 150
  2. BMW GS 310 Bike
  3. BMW GSA 1250
  4. Range Rover Evoque

Hope, Jatt Prabhjot gets well soon. Thank You.

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